How you use our tools depends on your organisation's needs. If you agree with the statement that you can't manage what you don't measure, then our tools can help you improve staff engagement and performance. Why? Because you'll know more about the level of competence your staff currently have so they can meet the critical competencies required to deliver the service performance you need. That means you can taregt and customise training, staff selection, development or promotion. That means you can empower your staff more effectively and build sustained engagement. We can help you identify development needs and then measure the effectiveness of your training.

Building the Assessments
The foundation of our online assessment is identifying, defining and understanding the performance standards of those competencies you identify as critical for performance in a role, or fit within your organisation. This is the foundation for competency assessment relevance and reliability.

Our subject matter experts can support you through a process of performance competency modelling to gain a clear understanding of the critical competencies and what they look like when performed effectively in the identified role or within your organisation.

Working with you, we’ll design case studies relevant to your organisation which will assess the respondent’s knowledge of the critical competency.

Working with you, we undertake validation testing of the content, determine values for the responses and build these into the scoring system. A custom designed report presents the assessment data in a format that meets your needs.

Our feedback tool is developed in a similar manner using statements around the critical competencies you have identified. It provides a scale against which an individual measures themself and against which three or more respondents make the same judgement of the individual. The report highlights areas where there is divergence of view point and where there may be an identified need for development.

The feedback tool is specifically a development tool which can identify training needs and highlight for both employer and individual, areas where a personal or corporate training programme could be focused. As a post training tool, it could also be a useful for measuring training effectiveness.

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Easy to Use Online Assessment

Both the assessment and the feedback tools are reached via a login on our website so there is no need to purchase any software. All the individuals you select to complete the assessment can access our website from a mobile device or an internet connection at a time and place that suits them. You will designate an administrator who can, through a secure portal on our website, access your assessment to set up groups for assessment or review the participants progress. Your Administrator will be able to retrieve reports and control the process when and where it suits them through their secure login in on our website.


Naturally we are available to support you in interpreting the reports and data so that you can make informed decisions for your business.

Developing Performance Competencies

Each competency needs to be clearly defined to ensure the competency assessment is relevant to the skills you are assessing. We can help you identify those key performance competencies critical to success. We suggest you:

  • Choose only competencies critical for success
  • Limit your competencies to 8-10 key performance competencies.
  • Focus on the ‘have to haves’ not the ‘nice to haves’

An example of a well-defined competency is:

Customer Focus – ‘anticipates both internal and external customer needs, takes ownership, responsibility and accountability for the level of customer satisfaction by establishing productive relationships, answering customer questions concisely, proactively dealing with customers’ problems and exceeding customers expectations’.

This competency then has a set of performance standards identified. These performance standards form the basis of the scoring of the candidate’s effectiveness in the competency.

Competency Assessment

Your tailored, unique competency assessment provides invaluable objective data about an individual’s level of knowledge of the performance competencies critical for success, as defined by you. If you choose to use our personalised competency assessment tool for selection, if used in conjunction with reference checks and competency based behavioural interviews, these three sources of information should all indicate much the same things. This is convergence. If however one source seems to contradict another (divergence), further investigation is clearly required to uncover an explanation.


By engaging content matter experts in the development of your critical performance competencies, we add reliability and relevance to your competency testing. Reliability depends primarily on the quality of the competency assessment construction. This is the reason that each competency assessment is not generic in design but is designed specifically for your organisation and your specific role or level to measure how the participant understands the performance competencies critical for success.


This is the degree of correlation between competency assessment content and the critical elements of the performance competencies being assessed. This approach, referred to as content related validity evidence, is built into the competency assessment by the assessment developers. To create a competency assessment that has content related validity, the developers involve subject matter experts who thoroughly understand both the subject matter of the competency assessment and the specific role and organisation to which the competency assessment is to be applied.

Our executive team has in excess of 60 years experience in human resources, recruitment, assessment and skills development.

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Choosing the right measurement tool

Your Competency Assessment will provide invaluable objective data about each participant’s level of knowledge of your critical competencies. This tool is used in the employee selection process and as a pre-course instrument for developmental workshops.

Your Competency Feedback will provide invaluable objective data on how well the participant delivers the critical competencies on the job. This tool is used for career development and as a post-workshop support or potentially as a means of evaluating on the job performance for alignment to organisational values and culture.