General Questions

Q11. During change, how can we measure staff progress?

Measuring progress is really only accurate if you know where you started. Using our feedback assessment however will give you a good appreciation of how your staff are performing in those competencies critical for successful change. The feedback may be provided by peers or by external or internal customers. You define the parameters.

Q3. How can you measure training needs against strategic needs?

Once a strategic objective is defined and you establish what success looks like, you can set the outcomes you need from staff and then the competencies they will need to demonstrate to achieve those outcomes. A feedback assessment can define the actual level of those critical competencies and establish the baseline from which you can identify training needs to achieve strategic objectives.

Q1. What is a feedback assessment?

This is a method by which an individual evaluates their own performance against set competencies and this result is compared with the combined results of how other people (you define the number) view that person against the same competencies. If there is a disconnect or poor outcome, training needs become apparent. 

Q22. How can we assess candidates for bulk recruitment?

Establishing an online assessment of critical competencies needed for performance in the role is a great way to initially select candidates you spend time interviewing. Your time is valuable and allowing potential applicants to undertake an online assessment in their own time, saves you time and provides you with measurable data on actual competencies needed for success in the role.