Application Questions

Q8. Our company uses a competency based interviewing process. How does this fit in?

Our tools are compatible with a competency based interviewing approach. Our assessment checks for comprehension around actions that result in effective delivery of the performance competencies on the job. The individual report could provide objective insight into areas the interviewer might wish to probe in the interview process.

Q5. How long does it take to complete a competency assessment or feedback?

Ease of use and clear instructions mean the participant is not wasting time working out how to navigate through the competency assessment. Therefore the time it takes to complete a competency assessment is generally a maximum of 45 minutes. The competency feedback takes no more than 30 minutes.

Q9. What considerations should I take into account when using the competency assessment for employee evaluation?

It is recommended that job relevant data should be gathered in each step of the employee evaluation process and taken into account when making a final decision. We believe that when used for selection, the competency assessment should count for no more than one-third of the employment selection decision.

Q7. Can you help us identify and develop the performance competencies critical for success in the target role?

We can support you in making those decisions. We will work with your key stakeholders to understand the specific requirements for success in the target role. This will identify key performance competencies and descriptors which provide clarity around what that competency looks like in the role. Those descriptions can form the basis for the development of our competency assessment content.

Q6. Can the competency assessment be used for new hire employment selection and promotion as well as development?

Our approach to competency assessment is to identify the critical performance competencies needed for success in your chosen role. We then create custom designed content that comprehensively assesses against these critical performance competencies. Each custom designed competency assessment generates an individual report for each participant that provides insight into their unique levels of comprehension of each of the critical performance competencies assessed.

Q2. How easy is it for a participant to complete a customised competency assessment on-line?

Individuals are emailed their own personal ID's and Passwords. When they are ready to complete the competency assessment they enter this information on the Login page of our website. This takes them directly to their own personal competency assessment where they complete each mini case study. When they submit their responses, their reports are processed and stored in a restricted entry location accessed via our website.