Application Questions

Benefits include:

  • Removes Subjectivity - Presents real world mini case studies that enable the participant to experience typical situations they will be confronted with on any given day in the target role.
  • Non Generic - The competency assessment content is custom designed to reflect the unique environment of the target role.
  • Valid – Prior to the release of the competency assessment the content is tested by stakeholders to ensure authenticity and appropriateness of its intended use.
  • Cost Effective – No purchase of software, no travel costs for candidates, no shipping costs, no delivery charges, no additional scoring setup charges.
  • Accessible – Client Administrators and participants can log on at any time and from anywhere via the Internet using discrete Project Codes, ID’s and Passwords.

Individuals are emailed their own personal ID's and Passwords. When they are ready to complete the competency assessment they enter this information on the Login page of our website. This takes them directly to their own personal competency assessment where they complete each mini case study. When they submit their responses, their reports are processed and stored in a restricted entry location accessed via our website. A unique project code, ID and password, provided by us only to the client administrator, enables them access to this location for the monitoring of participant progress and the retrieval of reports.

Extremely easy. Logging on is similar to the assessment and full instructions are provided for the co-workers or clients invited to also complete the feedback.

How you use the information our reports provide is up to you. Assessment of the performance competencies critical for success in a target role can add vital information to the decision process for compliance, quality assurance, training & development, selection, retention and promotion, etc. You decide.

Ease of use and clear instructions mean the participant is not wasting time working out how to navigate through the competency assessment. Therefore the time it takes to complete a competency assessment is generally a maximum of 45 minutes. The competency feedback takes no more than 30 minutes.

Our approach to competency assessment is to identify the critical performance competencies needed for success in your chosen role. We then create custom designed content that comprehensively assesses against these critical performance competencies. Each custom designed competency assessment generates an individual report for each participant that provides insight into their unique levels of comprehension of each of the critical performance competencies assessed. The resulting data could then be used to assist in decisions on employment selection, retention and promotion as well as compliance, quality assurance and training & development. Every participant report includes a competency development action plan. You decide how you want to use our tools.

We can support you in making those decisions. We will work with your key stakeholders to understand the specific requirements for success in the target role. This will identify key performance competencies and descriptors which provide clarity around what that competency looks like in the role. Those descriptions can form the basis for the development of our competency assessment content.

Our tools are compatible with a competency based interviewing approach. Our assessment checks for comprehension around actions that result in effective delivery of the performance competencies on the job. The individual report could provide objective insight into areas the interviewer might wish to probe in the interview process.

It is recommended that job relevant data should be gathered in each step of the employee evaluation process and taken into account when making a final decision. We believe that when used for selection, the competency assessment should count for no more than one-third of the employment selection decision.

General Questions

This is a method by which an individual evaluates their own performance against set competencies and this result is compared with the combined results of how other people (you define the number) view that person against the same competencies. If there is a disconnect or poor outcome, training needs become apparent. 

Assess everyone against the same criteria in a competency assessment and use a feedback assessment to find out what your customers think.

Once a strategic objective is defined and you establish what success looks like, you can set the outcomes you need from staff and then the competencies they will need to demonstrate to achieve those outcomes. A feedback assessment can define the actual level of those critical competencies and establish the baseline from which you can identify training needs to achieve strategic objectives.

Define the competencies which make a great manager in your business, conduct a 360° feedback assessment against those competencies where the manager reviews themself and the staff complete the same review from their perspective. A disconnect between strengths in competencies will let you know how effective a manager is in each area. 

The only effective way is to assess people on the same basis is with a specific tool which measures relevant competencies. 

Complete a feedback assessment after training and measure improvement in the competencies trained. 

We recommend measuring on the job performance in the competencies you define as critical by conducting a 360° feedback assessment.

Measuring the ROI of training is a sensible option and the feedback CareerDynamix offers, provides a perfect method of measuring how an individual and their peers view critical behaviours around the competencies training aimed to develop.

It’s all about defining what success looks like, what you need to do to get there, how your staff have to perform and what competencies or skills they need to meet those individual targets and organisational goals. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and CareerDynamix can help you measure.

Competencies can be measured by providing a scenario relevant to your business and offering the person taking the test several options for actions they would take in that situation. Their selection of specific options allows you to measure their ability in a manner relevant to how you define a competency, how you want them to behave. This makes the competency evaluation valid for a role within your organisation and can provide for example, a defensible reason for selection.

Measuring progress is really only accurate if you know where you started. Using our feedback assessment however will give you a good appreciation of how your staff are performing in those competencies critical for successful change. The feedback may be provided by peers or by external or internal customers. You define the parameters.

Absolutely and it is focused on the competencies important for good performance in your role in your organisation.

Cookie cutter assessments generally use their definition of a competency and non-specific scenarios which may have no relevance to your business. That does not provide valid, reliable competency measurement for performance in your role, in your organisation. If you want validity and reliability and a defensible solution, you need a customised assessment.

We believe that it removes subjectivity from the selection or evaluation process. Whether you are assessing internal staff for management potential, undergoing a strategic review of organisational competencies, recruiting or measuring training effectiveness, objective review is a very useful tool.

Defining the competency as your organisation defines it - not a cookie cutter model, designing the assessment with scenarios relevant to your organisation and independent assessment. By engaging content matter experts in the development of your critical performance competencies, we add reliability and relevance to your competency testing. Reliability depends primarily on the quality of the competency assessment construction and our expertise combined with your knowledge of your organisation create that quality.

Yes – that’s the basis of our business – designing unique assessment and measurement tools which are appropriate only for your roles in your business. 

Competency measurement is a great way to establish management potential and also provide a basis for training needs to enhance that potential. 

That’s what makes this CareerDynamix assessment so different. They will be your competencies – not as defined in a book or by another company. As defined by you. 

By assessing the level of skill across competencies critical for performance in a role, then selecting training relevant to the competency needs. 

Using our online tool and with our input and expertise, yes, you’ll have your own company specific assessment tool. This is something we do together – your organisational and role knowledge and our expertise in competency assessment and unique technology. 

Absolutely. That is the basis of the CareerDynamix customisable assessment tool. We don’t tell you what to measure or how your competency is defined, it’s unique to your organisation, your role or purpose. 

Define the competencies you feel are essential for performance in a leadership role and we’ll design the assessment you can use to measure that ability. With input from you, a valid and reliable assessment will provide the basis for identifying future leaders. 

Establishing an online assessment of critical competencies needed for performance in the role is a great way to initially select candidates you spend time interviewing. Your time is valuable and allowing potential applicants to undertake an online assessment in their own time, saves you time and provides you with measurable data on actual competencies needed for success in the role.