About Us

Jane Fanselow-Price FRCSA (Life)

The principal and leader of the CareerDynamix team, Jane has over 38 years experience in the wider human resources, recruitment and development fields. She has a reputation for delivering specifically customised solutions to meet her client’s needs. She has worked extensively in performance coaching, leadership, motivating teams, developing HR processes and strategies, coaching and mentoring, career planning and the development and delivery of training programmes.

Jane was a founding partner of the Maxim group of companies which included Maxim Consulting Limited. In the 1990’s, Maxim Consulting worked in a joint venture partnership with a tertiary training organisation to support a large government department managing organisational change and upskilling staff whose positions had been redundant. At the same time, Maxim Consulting was also the New Zealand representative for a global learning organisation which offered performance assessment and development programmes. As the driver of Maxim Consulting, Jane felt this dual approach to enhancing technical or ‘hard’ skills and soft skills such as leadership, communication and sales skills, provided a platform which allowed businesses to evaluate and develop their people to achieve high performance and ultimately improve organisational engagement and a competitive advantage.

Jane believes that by effectively assessing competencies, businesses are better positioned to select, develop, promote, retain, attract and engage high performing staff for successful business performance in day to day operations and through change.

Our team brings an enthusiasm for change in the methodology of competency assessment and competency feedback for selection, retention, promotion, compliance, quality assurance, training and development, building engagement and change.