Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services

The recruitment arm of CareerDynamix provides assistance to organisations seeking a specialised and unique recruitment service. We adapt our service to meet the needs of the organisation and the role. This may mean including search and it will always include delivering partnering with our client organisation to achieve the desired outcome.

We are different - you won't see us using our logo in advertising unless our client wishes their name to be confidential. We believe if our client is paying for advertising, it is their brand not ours which should stand out. We always use two consultants to manage a recruitment process and we quality check each other. If you trust us with the critical task of identifying people for your organisation, we'll give the project the time and attention this responsibility deserves.  We will provide a short video clip, a sound byte for references, the CV and a cover document for all short-listed candidates. We want our clients to have the broadest information possible to help achieve a result.

Please talk with us about what you need and we'll adapt our service to meet your requirements.

We are good at what we do and in our history, we have always delivered results. Our reputation is one of which we are justifiably proud.  We work across the private and public sectors. We do a lot of work for not-for-profits and we are happy to provide you with references. Whether the role is a Chief Executive, General Manager, specialist in Finance, Human Resources, Sales or Project Management, Analyst or Executive Assistant, we have the experience and proven ability to find the right person. 

At CareerDynamix, we consider the job seeker to be as important to us as the employer seeking a great person. We call the individual job seeker a Client. Without removing our focus from the employer’s requirements, we place a very strong emphasis on the individual.

We know that a single employee can have a significant impact on a business and our drive for each employer is to identify an individual who will engage fully with their new employer and contribute significantly to the organisation's goals and objectives. Equally, an individual's job is the means by which they will pay a mortgage, support their family or their lifestyle and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

We are driven by our recruitment mantra, “integrity, passion, outcomes” and we bring wisdom, experience and a 'touch of magic' to every recruitment project we accept. We are a Corporate Member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association and we are fully committed to working with integrity and professionalism as we focus our energy and passion for recruitment on delivering a positive outcome for both the employer and individual client.

We look forward to working with you.