Premier Service

Premier Service

The CareerDynamix Premier Service provides career management assistance for individuals who may already be in existing roles, and who wish to ensure their career moves forward as planned.

It is a programme specifically designed for senior managers who wish to achieve a role at the highest level. It could be described as the equivalent of the sports management of world class athletes and sports people.

CareerDynamix supports Clients in gaining experience in organisations and roles which provide the experience and career development that is required to achieve their ultimate career goal.

We actively seek work opportunities to address our Client’s specific needs and the mentoring and support programme is delivered by individuals who have experience in roles at the most senior level.

The mentoring programme will provide the required support to help our Client develop the approach and attitude, which combined with experience and qualifications, makes them eminently suited to the role they seek.

This relationship also involves a watching brief on the market for appropriate opportunities that will enhance our Client’s career.

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"To the extent that leaders enable followers to develop their own initiative, they are creating something that can survive their own departure." John Gardner, on leadership