Change is a constant and so are the challenges for employees at all levels. As the speed of business moves constantly to a faster pace, people in the workplace are working harder to keep up and often at the expense of their personal satisfaction and professional development. In the end, the organisation feels the impact with a less productive and over stressed worker.

We coach employees at all levels in the organisation for development and performance. Our service is designed to enhance the individual 's contribution to the organisation's objectives.

What we've learned through many years of experience is that coaching is a highly individualised processes because people are unique. While many techniques work to a degree, simply following guidelines from a book doesn't work as well as a programme that is customised to the individual through a blend of observation, assessment, consulting, identification of learning opportunities, mentoring and feedback. Our coaching programmes are as unique as the individual and our goal is to provide our clients with an unparalleled coaching experience.

We work with people to advance their careers, to overcome obstacles or barriers to advancement, to move forward in their thinking, to re-evaluate their career drivers and objectives, to recognise their strengths, and to expand their potential options.

We know that many individuals benefit from the review, consultancy and guidance a CareerDynamix client receives in a role.

For each Mentoring Programme, we will appoint a mentor best suited to the individual client, their circumstances and the programme’s goals or objectives.

Our goal is to facilitate the development of a supportive and open relationship, in which our client can feel real progress has been made and new insights or knowledge have been gained.

Please speak with us if you are interested in a mentor or coaching programme designed specifically for you or for a member of your staff.