There are a number of ‘baby boomers’ (those in the over 50's) whose anticipated work circumstance have changed by choice or obligation. In the current, and also future markets, these people represent an extremely valuable workforce able to contribute mature judgment, experience and life skills.

While some may not be able to afford to stop working full time, others would rather work fewer hours or fewer weeks in a year. The lifestyle choice of others may be to work for several months of each year full time and take several months off work. This is a group which will require options other than the standard full time work to attract their interest and commitment.

The skills and life experiences that this lifestyle group can contribute is hugely beneficial to many organisations, and to society as a whole.

However, the key to capturing this market is to find a role that can utilise individual / specific skills and experience, and at the same time facilitate the mind shift within many organisations, that age does not matter.

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift." Eleanor Roosevelt

For many employers, moving away from the standard working week represents a challenge yet to be faced, but we believe this will be essential to more fully engage this section of the workforce. We appreciate that this may also require a repositioning of the individual’s expectations around compensation and work, but it would appear that a more critical shift is required within organisations.

Issues such as managing a group of workers who work disparate hour, off-site, or for a portion of the year, must be addressed, to access this pool of knowledge effectively. In a market where resources are limited, this paradigm shift will be essential - but we appreciate that it may not be without problems.

Remuneration based on outcomes rather than hours may be an option for some businesses, but for others this will be fraught with difficulty and the timebased reward system may need to remain.

At CareerDynamix, we believe this is a discussion which must be started, and an initiative that must be introduced.

It is our experience that the recruitment industry has on occasions been guilty of supporting an ageist approach, particularly where youth and inexperience have been allowed to prevail. It has been a view held by many in society that youth is preferable, and that older people will not for example ‘report’ to younger people.

Some recruiters and employers have held, or currently hold a prejudice which they have allowed to influence their choices. They may also struggle to translate a person’s life experiences and career history into transferable skills, and relate these to available positions.

This is a market whose time has come, or whose time is on the verge of coming. We believe Employers of Choice will seize this opportunity to develop flexible work models that utilise this pool of talent, and in doing so, provide themselves with a leading market position.

CareerDynamix Lifestyles is a programme developed specifically for those whose Lifestyle and circumstances fit the criteria outlined. It's a group into which many of our team fit, and one we understand well. Speak with us about this unique programme. 

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