Kiwis Returning Home

Kiwis Returning Home

We believe that in a global market, it will become increasingly necessary to facilitate the smooth movement of people between countries and cultures.

One part of our service will be to support Kiwis travelling overseas for their OE, or seeking work experience offshore.

Equally importantly, we understand the issues Kiwis face when returning home to a market where their former colleagues have moved on, and their previous contacts have disappeared.

We have already commenced the set-up phase of this part of our business and initiated contacts in London to locate Kiwis wishing to return home. We envisage launching the full service in early 2008 but will be returning to the UK to interview Kiwis later in 2007. Please Contact Us if you are interested in meeting our representative.

Effectively, within this service, CareerDynamix will become your representative before you leave the UK. We will conduct and film an interview with you, review your CV and overseas experience, understand details of your career aspirations and preferences in location and conduct local reference checks if appropriate.

This information will come back to New Zealand before you, and our New Zealand team will be actively seeking interview opportunities before you arrive.

We have seen many Kiwis come home for a visit in order to seriously consider their options work-wise around a permanent return. We have watched many leave again, after a frustrating few weeks in which their international experience was not appreciated and they had little opportunity to sit in front of an employer and sell their abilities.

This service from CareerDynamix seeks to overcome those frustrations, and encourage talented Kiwis to return home to a supported career management service.

We are approaching the issue in another way as well - we intend keeping in contact with all those we help find work overseas, providing them with news from home, market information, salary trends, government initiatives etc, and generally keeping track of what they have done and what experience they have gained whilst away.

Our aim is simple - we know that the Employers of Choice we work with need the skills and experience you've acquired off-shore...

We want to help talented people move back into the workforce at home as easily as possible. Our new service offering will help us keep track of potential leaders, as they travel and gain invaluable experience off-shore. 

"Life shrinks or expands in response to one's corage" Anais Nin