Within this module of our service, we deliver a range of development programmes we use under licence from DTA Worldwide, as well as other learning programmes developed by experts in our own team or accessed from other providers.

This service will provide development resources for our clients, employer organisations and will offer training to the public through offerings that are relevant to our business.

The performance assessments that CareerDynamix undertakes will lead to the design of a development programme for each of our Candidate Clients within the CareerDynamix Futures programme. We do not intend to train in hard skills but we will research suitable programmes and evaluate their value and outcomes before providing options to our Candidate Clients and Employer Clients.

In the area of soft skills, we plan to deliver a range of development programmes based on assessment outcomes and focussed on the subsequent application of learning in the workplace. Our goal in delivering development programmes is measurable outcomes which enhance competencies and on the job performance.

These programmes will cover areas such as communication effectiveness, negotiation skills, sales skills and a range of leadership topics.

These programmes will also be made available to employers who wish to develop certain competencies within their wider team.

Please speak with us about your Assessment and Development needs.

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